Yan Hidayat

Yan Hidayat is an Indonesian photographer born October 15, 1981 in Padang (West Sumatra), Indonesia. Self-taught, he left High School to devote himself to his passion, photography. Only equipped with a Nikon D90 camera and a Nikon 105mm f2.8 macro lens, it achieves feats. His career in photography began in 2002, with a passion for taking pictures of insects and reptiles which fascinated him. Animals make him vibrate, he feels something unique behind each of his achievements. Yan Hidayat enjoys photographing reptiles and insects because he considers that there is something unique about photographing them. In Yan's words: "Insects and reptiles, are creatures that we have taken for granted, but after observing them for long hours, I remain marked and fascinated by these creations of God that we must protect." All of Yan's photos are available exclusively at Tilsitt Gallery.