Un Monde Exterieur – sowhat!!!


This Paint made a good reflection to our new world how it should be a chillin and beautiful envirement with good vibes .

Like The Rapa Nui’s a silent Island with the sound of waves that tackle the island and the spirit of the Moai all over the Island.

I wanted to bring my Moai in a new view as he’s like a person in a normal world with life feelings and heart that love his life and love his place.

All The Moais around him are the protectors as the Rapa Nui Believed and brought my style to my new view of this world

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Canvas Size:60x60cm.

Glowing in the dark


Materials: Montana Gold Cans,Montana Glow Night Cans,Montana Varnishing Can,Molotow One4all Markers and Stabilo.


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