This work belongs to a serie of works named “Solo Goya”. This interpretation is based on Goya´s painting from 1797: “Duchess of Alba”. Maria del Pilar Teresa Cayetana de Silva Alvarez de Toledo has appeared portrayed several times in Goya’s work. Textures and colors are removed from their usual context and turned into several interpretations, giving life and bringing back to the present, a timeless woman through the centuries. The transversality of Goya’s maja appear in my works in a constant recreation of the figure – ground in which some areas of the paintings appear barely covered with textures and ink, while others are not covered in order to accentuate the duchess’s sovereign in the compositions. There is also an absence of representation of the outside world in the set of works, removing the monochromatic landscape of the original goya´s work, the main concern is to represent an abstraction of forms, keeping the figure of the duchess, because in a sense, we fell that she had the ability to fill any room only with her strong presence.

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Artist: Magali Candeias

Technique: Mixed Media on Canvas

Size: 100 × 120 cm

Dimensions 100 × 120 cm


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