Idan Zareski

Idan Zareski of Franco-Israeli nationality was born in Haifa, Israel, he lives and works between France, Costa Rica, and Miami.

Idan has an unconventional and surprising journey. Very young, he was immersed in multiple cultures and lived a life rich in travel between Africa, Europe and the United States and Latin America. He is fluent in several languages ​​including French, English and Spanish. At the age of 38, he decided to stop everything to follow his passion, sculpture.

The human body has been molded, shaped and deformed through the centuries by countless sculptors, but Idan's innovative artistic expression has managed to reinvent it while preserving those powerful emotions that touch us.

According to Idan, "The huge feet of the Bigfoot family are a reminder of the roots of our past, they are our anchor on this fragile little planet, reminding us that we are all treading on the same ground."

Idan shapes his creations with clay, his favorite material. In his workshop you will find the same tools used by the old master sculptors, plaster molds, clay, old sculpting tools.

"I am always amazed that emotions can not only take shape, but be shared, without a word ... in absolute silence."