Gérard Stricher

Born in Sarrebourg (France) in 1948 into a family of artists, he began painting in the 1970s. In 2004, he acquired an old mill in the Vexin Français, he established a workshop there and worked frantically ... The 2007 exhibition in Paris at the Espace Commines sealed the meeting of his art with collectors and galleries. He thus found a very enthusiastic welcome in Chicago, where his American career really began with a "one man show" at Art Chicago. This is how he became part of the heritage of the Empire Bank in Springfield (USA) of the Pepsi Cola Foundation in New York, and of some prestigious private American collections, including that of Bob Bohien. In 2012 he began exhibiting in Houston and Dallas (Texas), as well as Vienna, Austria. In 2013 Gérard Stricher was also exhibited in Germany. After winning the Dizart Edition Prize and rewarded with a monograph, it is exhibited in Brussels. In mid-2017, his exhibition will expand to Paris and join the Taylor Foundation in the United States in early 2021.