Gabriela Lukschal

Lukschal combines traditional Japanese painting, science fiction, anime, and the global art market. Her extensive work incorporates an intersection of pop culture, history, and fine art.
Her drawings and paintings based on her imaginary world draw inspiration from illustrations by contemporary artists of her time and also from the past, a surrealism of memories.
“I like that my paintings are not exactly from this world. For me they exist in a world of dreams, a world that is made of all the accumulated images stored in our subconscious that coagulate and transform when we sleep. I wish to tell a new story and create my own language: ambiguous, dense, fantasy, natural and organic. I like to make the impossible possible.”


Capturing the essence of each client, Lukschal created this series where the buyer personally meets the artist for a kind of interview. An unpretentious conversation, it can be over lunch or coffee. The painting is made based on the information Lukschal finds relevant or most interesting. They are surrealistic paintings, with a realistic painting technique, where the figures blend and merge in a playful and fanciful way.

The frames chosen for this series are unique, antique, usually from the last century, specially picked for each artwork. They are elaborate, classic, and imposing. Lukschal even makes an interference on them so that they really embrace the painting, encompass and interact with the art.

“The creation process is very enjoyable, but the day of delivery is the best part. Because the art is totally personalized, the client is the person who understands the painting the most, he recognizes himself in it, sees his own story there and gets emotional.”