Frédéric Manenc

Plastic artist who lives and works in Toulouse. Monocrhomaniac, that is the adjective that suits him best. Indeed the singularity of this artist is a single common thread: the monochrome. Considering himself a visual artist, he has no limits in his research. Whether it is the pigments, the binders, the photo, the oils, all the mediums are subject to study. His work on toys is a nostalgic manifesto on childhood and adolescence through hundreds of pieces that have been found, stored, classified, for years. The monochrome brings to find all the heroes and playmates despite the absence of color code assimilated to the shapes. Looking at his work, a double reading is essential: the general composition which respects mathematical and geometric rules, then each object bringing back buried memories. All this brings us the collector has a three-dimensional result. In parallel, his oils are part of the pioneering work of Pierre Soulages while following his own geometric rules beyond the visual perception of the work there is a real tactile impression of the material, as if it had been kneaded, molded from even the canvas. It enhances its color by adding mineral pigments such as mother-of-pearl, copper, or even mica. The other particularity of his work on his paintings is that the light is not frozen on the canvas, it is the moving property of the material. the painting captures the light and varies according to the position of the collector who increases an extended pictorial spectrum to give a feeling of polychromy.