Cristiano Felismina

"Cris DK" also known as Cristiano Felismina.

Born in Nazaré, he is self-taught in drawing and began to draw portraits around the age of 15, at the same time he began his piano studies. He never stopped drawing, dedicating himself more intensively in the last years to drawing and painting, always looking for the technical improvement and the practical exploration of new approaches to drawing, with charcoal and black and white pastel. Realism, looking for a sculptural effect, exploring the illusion of depth in the two-dimensional plane of the sheet of paper, through the manipulation of light and dark. White goes off with black, and black with white. "There is no light without darkness." He has lived in Viana do Castelo since 2006 and Cirs is also a piano teacher at the Viana do Castelo Music Academy. Cristiano Felismina started oil painting in 2017. His artistic approach consists in the search for a realism that allows the perception of the work and the message, without resorting to any kind of exaggerated details or hyper-realism, always leaving the “paint effect” visible.