Cope2, born as Fernando Carlo in 1968, is one of the pioneers of New York graffiti art. Great, ingenious, controversial, admired, arrested, loved and respected, this legendary artist has been active in the street game since 1985. The first graffiti he ever wrote was on a train done in his wild style manner. The international credit came in the 90's after he went through a troublesome time of working with gangs, living on the streets, and fighting to evolve as an artist. To pursue a career in street art was not his initial desire, however, the spontaneous jaunts to lettering and tagging brought him to where he is now - a legend of the Bronx style and a true mainstream graffiti star.
His personal best are the throw-up style wobbly letters, made out of two different styles, the wild style, and some hard lines. They are readable, recognizable and appreciated both in large formats on the walls, and in smaller scale inside many galleries worldwide. He started writing in the late 70's, early 80's when New York only started being the center of street art. Inspired and influenced by this cousin Chico80, Cope2 was painting at night, riding the subway and watching all the names of Big Apple's legends pass him by. Born in Southern Brox, he had everything but the easy childhood. Coming from diverse ancestry, American and Puerto Rican, Cope 2 emerged in both cultures, never giving up on his roots, but adapting himself to the rough style of hip-hop and street life. His first tool was a marker, and the first canvas was the wall on the stair of the building he grew up at. Joining the forces with his cousin Chico80 and Nano, he tagged his first subway train cart, actually the four of them.