Charles Fazzino

Charles Fazzino, world acclaimed American pop artist, has created his own unique mix of the art form. The seeds of his inspiration came from artistic family roots and from Manhattan, the city which fired his youthful imagination during his formative early childhood years. His young and fertile creative mind was captivated by giant picture books depicting life in late 20th Century urban America. 3-D movies and pop-up story books further sparked his imagination. His work depicts the remnants of childhood visions of yellow taxi cabs, the Statue of Liberty, storefronts decked with color, and the heart throb of life itself that is embodied in Manhattan.
As a youth, Charles would take advantage of every opportunity to ride the train into the city to absorb the color and excitement of the Village of Central Park. The late 1970's and early 1980's found him as a regular at the Washington Square Park Outdoor Art Festival in the Village. The diversity and strength of his work quickly escalated him to the National art circuit exhibiting at shows such as Ann Arbor Art Festival in Michigan, Miami’s Coconut Grove Art Festival, and the Las Olas Museum Art Festival in Ft. Lauderdale. Today, the artist continues to show in international urban areas such as Paris, Frankfurt, Zurich and Tokyo.