Beto Gatti

Beto Gatti is a Brazilian artist who lives in Rio de Janeiro.
His art is paradoxical, as it expresses the externalization of his introspection.
His sculptures convey restlessness, it leads us to daydreams and reflections. With abundant references to time and technology, he makes intersections between these two elements that permeate life in society, while invoking tomorrow in issues that agitate him today. After all, the same fraction of an hour can be time consuming for those who wait, but it flies for those who are thirsty to produce. Beto, in practice, freezes the passage of time in his creations, while drinking from the source of spirituality and existential reflections.
In 2021, he took his first steps in the digital world of crypt art, quickly consolidating himself among the main Brazilian artists making use of this new and revolutionary way of expressing art.