Founded on February 6, 2020 in Porto, the Tilsitt Gallery is a contemporary art gallery located in the historic center of Porto. In the heart of the "Porto Art District". Tilsitt Gallery is committed to showing a rich selection of local and international artists, emerging or confirmed.

Among the artists represented by the gallery are: the sculptures in bronze of Lothar Vigelandzoon, one of the pioneers of world Pop Charles Fazzino, the refreshing sculptures of HeRsk, the thoroughness and the precision work of the paintings by Cristiano Felismina, the figurative paintings by Mario Henrique, the abstract paintings by Gérard Stricher, the street art sculptures by Kresimir Buden, the cars sculptures by Antoine Dufilho, and the iconic "Big Foot" by Idan Zareski…

With its 300m² exhibition space, Tilsitt Gallery is one of the largest art galleries in Porto.
Tilsitt Gallery is now able to deliver to customers worldwide, thanks to its technical and logistical teams.

The Tilsitt Gallery has been selected by the Intercontinental Hotel in Porto for the next exhibition of artists: Mario Henrique, Antoine Dufilho and Idan Zareski.