Julien Soone

In 1995, in search of a new way for him to express himself through his art, he creates his first tee-shirts underthe brand 'Bullrot‘, with immediate success.
Rebelling against conformism, he suddenly decides to leave France and to discover China.
Ten years later, the adventure continues :
In 2005, he settled down in Shenzhen and set up his own company 'S2one Ltd', surrounding himself with a team of international artists.
Through his workshop-laboratory, he becomes more aware of new and exciting technology, acquiring a vast and versatile experience which allows him to fully explore what go through his imagination.
Soone expresses himself through his own blueprint, graffiti and clothing under his own label but also for other brands using his expertise and knowledge.
His combination of flair and tenacity give free flow to diverse forms of artistic creation and styles, from furniture to fashion accessories.
Through his work he has evolved into a free spirit without any boundaries or constraint. Allowing the viewer to enter into his world.
During the past 20 years he has captured and idealized movements on different supports, which is why today he has finally elected to exhibit his work to highlight the French savoir-faire in China investing in the development of the latest technology combined with daring design.

A passionate man, Soone’s style reflects a personality with no limits, his attention to detail and his sense of trueness.
Respect and authenticity are the key words for his creative activities.